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Comments   1   Date Arrow  June 18, 2007 at 9:39am   User  by Dave

When Christina says the arches were cut out, they were literally cut out. The masons put up a rectangular frame and then blocked straight across, with a lintel positioned above where the arch would be. Then they traced a plywood semi-circle directly onto the block (front and back). Then they took a router with a straight 2″ bit and cut on the line on both sides. About three inches of block connection remained, and they simply knocked this out and smoothed it with a rasp. This material is so fun to work with.

Christina worked out the ratios and radii of the arches, and I think they are perfect. Their heighth lends an elegance that I probably would not have gotten right. Good job, Hon!

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  • #1.   Chris Haley 06.18.2007

    I always like this stage of construction. The house is taking shape but the cool stuff has not been covered up yet. After a couple of random run-ins with Dave last week (at the Saucer and then at the midnight bike ride), I had to make sure I checked out the website. Look forward to catching future posts.

    Good luck,


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