Immigrant workforce

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Seems as if these last two posts are getting very political.

Our house was shown on the front page of the local news paper recently in relation to an ongoing series on immigrant workers in Memphis. Even though the house was shown our names are not mentioned. The story is about Jose our framer and other workers who are not American citizens, thus there was not a need to mention us or our builder. We met Daniel Connolly the writer from the paper this past summer. We knew he was doing a series on Jose and immigrant workers in Memphis. Link to the article:

Link to other articles I found and liked their stance:

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  • #1.   Basil 01.27.2008

    Dave and Christina,

    My wife and I have designed a house that will be built on a 2 acre lot we purchased in the beautiful Texas hill country. We have also made a decision to go with AAC and will be using Contec here in San Antonio, Texas as our vendor. We are discussing trying to do all the interior framing in AAC versus wood. Do you see any drawbacks with this strategy? Additionally, I read Christina’s comment regarding specific chases for the electrical and plumbing. I assume this could be handled by strategically placing o-blocks for the needed chases. Lastly, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for creating this blog. It was a tremendously helpful read.

    Basil & Sophia

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