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We chose to use a 6″ thick poured concrete with a broom finish for the drive and front walkway. There are expansion joints at strategic locations. The concrete is reinforced and we chose to leave it in its’ natural color and not stain it.




The doors at the back are access to storage closets.


Diamond pattern on the walk to the back door.


Front walk and steps. The walks are very white now due to the calcium deposits coming through. After a few rains they should fade to grayish. We went to the lumber company this week to see our front door that will replace the plywood beauty pretty soon. The door looks great and we can’t wait to see it in place!!!


We requested that our local utility company bury the electrical service to the house along with the gas line. Most houses in our area have electrical service that connects above ground to the house but this seems to always be in the way of trees and provides an unsightly tangle as it meets the house. Since we are building new we went ahead and buried the electrical service.

Other than driveway and utility work, we have been making final orders on lighting, door handles, fans, etc. Basically everything to get the house finished up inside.  I have spent way too much time online looking at every possible option out there and then I take Dave to the local stores to compare findings.  As many building modern homes may know, the choices on modern fixtures are so limited both in size and design- I want choices and lots of them. Omnia has proven to be a great choice for the interior and front door handles.  So with several orders placed we anxiously wait for the lights and door handles to arrive. More updates on all soon hopefully with photos of the installation.





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