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Now that the cabinets are in we were ready for the countertops which were installed this week. All of our sinks are undermounted and came installed with the counters. We ordered the sinks through, Martin delivered them to Highland Systems, and they cut the quartz for the countertops. All of the tops (bath, utility, and kitchen) are quartz by Cambria in the color called Snowden White.

I loved this color from the 2″ sample and WOW these countertops turned out better than imagined! Always wonderful when things installed look better than the sample!




For all those out there on with the ongoing discussions of the best sink, ours is a “Blanco Spex Plus” with equal 14x16x8 1/2 bowls. For the baths we ordered a rectangular American Standard sink in white also from I looked at the “Blancoprecis” double bowl sink- love it. But hum- $1,277 for the kitchen sink versus $300? We went with the less expensive one and I think we will be ok. But that square edged Blancoprecis sure is attractive!


Dave’s vanity and sink

Also a bit more on our cabinets (ongoing discussions on for those followers). We did alot of research on these before making our final decision to go with a local cabinet maker. We shopped at IKEA which is in Atlanta and would require a long distance trip for us if we went with this option. Their cabinets are a great price and ok in quality. We looked around in a Scavolini store in Miami. Very fancy Italian cabinets with all kinds of cool stuff. Those were never in our budget but were fun to look at and know they were out there. None of the high end European lines have a retail store in our area. We also shopped at the local hardware stores, looked at the Venicia line by KraftMaid, and some of the local kitchen cabinet retailers. Our builder suggested we use HY Construction in Millington to make the cabinets. Before his suggestion, I had never really thought about going with a custom made option. We looked at their work and liked what we saw. Also we could customize the sizes to exactly what we wanted but still stay within our budget. This is less of an option with store bought cabinets although some of the higher end cabinets allow for customization. Dave found a source for walnut fibercore plywood at a good price and this really set the look we were after. Our design with slab front doors is straightforward. I designed the kitchen, bath, and utility room cabinet layout and another local architect that works with HY Construction took my drawings and fine tuned them into shop drawings. Everything turned out beautifully. I highly recommend the local custom made cabinets if this is an option in your area. It takes a little more patience, but you end up getting just what you want if you find the right people to make them.

The island cabinets are on site but are not in their final place as the concrete floor finishing work begins. The countertop on the island is also not installed yet. More photo updates as these get finished.


Master shower with AAC wall still exposed. My understanding is that they are going to install the tile over the AAC here and over the durarock board on the stud framed walls. I like this photo because it’s one of the last remaining places where the AAC is still visible. This other place is the exterior wall of the mechanical closet. This will remain uncovered both because it just doesn’t need a layer of sheetrock and because it serves as a window into how our house is built long after all the other walls are sheathed in other materials.


Master shower soap enclosure framed.




The above photo is in the upper bath with a tub where some of the tile work has started. We are using basic 3×6 white tiles for the tub enclosure and downstairs shower enclosure. The upper soap opening was cut and installed and we just decided to leave it and put a lower one in also to be easier to access from the tub.


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