Tile work almost complete

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Two weeks ago we had a group of students from Rhodes College (my alma mater) come through on a tour learning about alternative building materials which tied into a class they were taking on alternative sources of energy. We were pleased to show them the AAC (what’s left unexposed is only in the mechanical closet now) and tell them about some of the unique features of our house.

All tiling seems to be complete at this point and the showers await their glass doors which will come later.

The master bath marble is calcutta gold with Ann Sacks white penny rounds for the shower floor. We used the same penny round tiles in the downstairs shower floor also. The tiling seemed to take forever but we realize it is a very particular skill and there were lots of pieces to cut. At first the amount of veining in the marble surprised me as it went up on the shower walls. Why I don’t know since this marble has a very distinctive veining. Once complete with the grout I love it. We used 12×12 tiles with a smooth finish and asked that the veining all go in the same direction. But the pattern still ends up being sort of random. The only way to have controlled this would have been to layout all the marble and make some attempt to match everything up- we did not do this and I think it might have killed the tile guys if we did. I look at those huge slabs of book matched calcutta gold marble in magazines now and I am very impressed. Each step of the way you look at the materials you have used in a different light.





My vanity comes in close to the window and we intentionally created this little offset in the base and countertop to miss the window. It turned out well so I thought I should document it. Some people have asked if this was an oversight, but I actually planned the window location at this location and then designed the vanity to suit the unique circumstance.


This is the front door that just arrived and is waiting to be hung and stained.


Other things happening onsite are the windows and doors are being trimmed with a thin 3/4 piece and all the interior doors except the pockets and sliding ones have now been hung. This proved a bit challenging to the trim guys with the EZ-Jamb.

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  • #1.   Daphne 03.24.2009

    Christina, Dave,

    Your house is beautiful, hope you guys live close to Houston and I will love to have a consultation about my master bath remodel. 😉

    I am thinking on having the same Calcatta tiles for my walls and wood floor. Could you share the source of your tiles? I love them.

    Congrats it is indeed a wonderful job what you have done.


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