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Comments   2   Date Arrow  March 13, 2008 at 7:26pm   User  by Christina

There still seems to be alot to be done but it has been good on site each day this week with different crews all working toward the finish. Trim guys are finishing up downstairs and the painters have started painting upstairs.

No more plywood front door- the real one was installed yesterday!! The mail slot was cut in today. This was a very important item for Dave and I think it turned out very well! Door handle is by Omnia. The door is Spanish cedar which smells incredible! The cedar trim around the door is still to come.








The bedroom is painted “amazing gray” by Sherwin Williams. The door and trim will get stained soon. The 1×8 base will be painted to match the walls. I have to post about the painting and staining as it happens as this is something I’ve agonized over for months- what color, stain or no stain, etc…. The father and son painting team is wonderful that Martin hired for the project. They are very meticulous and detail oriented- just what is needed for the painting.

Today the grading of the site started and we went ahead and had Wilburn clear the debris of weed shrubs and metal fence from the adjacent lot that we now have also. Although with the debris cleared the shed takes on a much more interesting charm, it should be ignored as not pertaining to the over all design scheme. It shouldn’t be around for too long. It’s on the adjacent lot.





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  • #1.   Kyle 03.14.2008

    Wow awesome door, where did you get it at and how much was it?

  • #2.   Christina 03.16.2008

    We had the door custom made through Gates Lumber Company in Memphis. I had seen similar doors (both online and on local houses) and I took that inspiration to create a drawing from which they built the door. The door turned out beautiful. I would check with your local lumber company/ millwork specialist to have a door made with the design you want. We chose Spanish cedar for its’ weather resistant properties.

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