Shower doors arrive

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The glass shower doors, mirrors, and glass for some of the kitchen cabinets arrived today.

master shower

Dave looking through the sidelight glass of the shower



The handrail installation has also started. The "feet" were screwed in today and the stainless rail will arrive soon after the stairwell painting is finished.


A stainless steel "foot". The wood is a guide and is just temporary.  Dave found a local metal smith to fabricate the rail assembly.


There seem to be a million other things going on at the site but many of them not necessarily photo worthy yet. The painters (still can’t speak enough praise about them) are there daily painting and staining. The sheet rock guys and trim guys are on again/ off again thus there are some issues in getting everything finished, finished, cleaned up and ready to move in. But we are getting there. 

The utility room is stacked with boxes (as a storage place for now) of light fixtures and the electrician is making his way around the house installing fixtures and bulbs. Most of our fixtures we either ordered online or purchased at Lowe’s. As I post the installed fixture soon, I’ll document the source.

Wilburn continues to grade the site in preparation for sod and a few shrubs. I’m shopping plants in between hardware store runs, trying to get the awning ordered for the back door, and generally loving being onsite for all the little detailed questions.

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  • #1.   house_builder 07.14.2008

    we are building a house – currently in the process of installing doors and windows….we ordered a spanish cedar door which arrived yesterday and it looks cherry red but we want it a light brown (we are going for the contemporary) look. how did you get your spanish cedar door stained?

  • #2.   Dave 07.15.2008

    Doesn’t the cedar smell wonderful!!!

    The natural color of the spanish cedar is more reddish, but less so than cherry for our door. Our painter stained the door with the same color stain he was using on all the interior doors and windows (those are birch and pine). Somehow everything came out looking fairly similar in color, probably because our stain is pretty dark (a rich chocolate brown color). With the stain on the door there is little reddish appearance at all.

    My suggestion would be to get several samples of spanish cedar and run 4-5 stain samples on the wood to see which color turns out best to your liking. Our painter worked with us for samples to get the color right.

    The door was sealed with a polyurethane by the painter after it was stained.

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