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The actual progress onsite is still not at the pace we would like to see, but there are things that progress some days. I’ll focus on the updates. As the weather has gotten warm we’ve started planting a few bushes but are waiting for sod. No idea where the sod is? Dave surprised me recently by driving by the house at night and getting to see that the lights were now not only installed but on!!

Nelson buble lamp

Nelson Bubble Lamp in the Guest Room

A friend of ours gave us this wonderful lamp after she found it in a house she bought. For some reason she didn’t want it and we were happy to place it in our house.

Exterior front entry lamp from Restoration Hardware. The cord needs to be straightened out.

Pendant lights in the kitchen

Sconce in the bath

Interior Omnia door handles. These operate up or down. The front door and interior door handles are all by Omnia and we ordered these from

Fans on the covered porch. Modern outdoor fans are hard to find in dark bronze. We opted for a Craftmaid fan that was the most simple design possible. Why so elaborate with all that fan stuff? Same issue we continue to run into is that if you are shopping for something simple and modern it becomes the most difficult to find.

This is the chandelier that is on order for the dining room. We found it at a local store called Cosmic Closet. Dave has been working on some fixture designs to make but when we saw this one we thought we would give it a try in the space. The dining room has such high ceilings that we are just trying to see what works best. Strangely it was very hard to find a fixture that made the 14′ drop from our ceiling to the above table height. What do people do when they have high ceilings? This fixture only drops 5′. After careful examination, Dave and the electrician are going to make the necessary adjustments to make this lamp extend much further from the ceiling. Installed photos will hopefully come soon.

After grading the yard, we found what seems to be an old well? We are either going to fill it in or cover it with a plate. Strange that we never noticed this till now?

Otis in a box helping to start packing.

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