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The main trim guys were onsite first thing this morning (Monday) so we have started the week off well- I think. There is not much that they lack. Mostly building the closet shelves and a few other minor things that should be done in a day or two- if everyone stays onsite, has their needed materials, and doesn’t get side tracked. Then the painter can finish his remaining work and we can be ever closer to moving in.

As it warms up outside here in Memphis, we are drawn to the idea of starting to sleep in the new house as it is remaining a very cool and comfortable 64 degrees inside with no AC running. Actually the exterior AC compressors have not even been installed yet. I keep walking into the house and thinking “it’s cool in here, when did the AC get hooked up?”. Oh yea! The AAC’s insulating properties are performing wonderfully! We’ll keep checking back on the comfort level as the outside temperature and humidity climbs during the summer.

A few updates on trim work details.

This photo shows how the 1×8 base meets the 1×1 trim at the exterior doors. The 1×8 is beveled to meet the trim. The 1×8 is actually 3/4″ thick and the 1×1 material creating the door trim was ripped down to about 1/2″ thick (there was a reason to this that has to do with the window trim, etc). Thus the base ends up being slightly thicker that the door trim, which is reverse of the typical condition one would have and thus the need for the bevel detail. There is no shoe mould. The 1×8 is kept very square edged and modern which I think turned out well. I had been very concerned that the height of the 8″ base would be too heavy and traditional for the style of home. I kept wishing that maybe we should have done a revealed edge base. Paint on the walls, doors stained, I am now pleased with the final outcome. (The brown of the floor is brown paper covering to protect the floors, not a finished material).

This shows a stained door as the beveled 1×8 base meets the EZ-jamb. Since we’ve posted about the EZ-jamb and have had inquires about this product, I think it is only fair to show how the details are coming together. The trim guys held the base a 1/4″ from the EZ-jamb. Again- finished this is turning out better than I was concerned it might. In these photos there are still final coats of paint remaining- i.e. edges look a bit tattered right now.

The jamb still needs to be painted to match the walls. Interesting that the walls appear to be plain white in the photos, but in reality they have a touch of gray to them or “shoji white”.

Window with 1x trim

Sliding closet doors at master bedroom. The track hardware is very nice, in fact we considered leaving it exposed but are going with a revealed 1x piece over the track.

The upstairs floors were stained this past Friday and look great! The color is a little lighter than the door and window stain, but still complementary.

Formwork for terrace steps. The conduit is for step lights that are buried in the concrete.

I realized I didn’t have any recent photos up of the garage with the doors that are now installed. They will be stained to match the other dark stain work of the house.

Temporary electric pole is still here for now.

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  • #1.   Jack Streete 04.22.2008

    Christina and Dave,

    Good to see you again, Christina and to meet you, Dave. Thanks so much for the tour today. It was really interesting and educational. It’s great to see young folks like you so conscientious and responsible about the environment. I’m sure your attitude about living sustainably will say a lot the my students.

    Your house is fantastic in addition to being “green”. I envy you two being able to design and build your own home.

    Hope you’re able to move in soon; know that will be a wonderful day for you.

    Again thanks so much for taking time to have us over.


  • #2.   Dave 04.22.2008

    Thanks, Jack. We always enjoy spreading the word!

  • #3.   Denise 06.23.2008

    Beautiful stained floor. Would you mind sharing the process used in getting this great look. Is it pine? Thanks!

  • #4.   Christina 06.24.2008

    Thanks Denise! The floors are white oak select in 4″ wide planks. The stain is a mix of two colors the flooring guys had on hand. It is sedona red and another color. I asked them to keep running samples till we got a color that looked good. They did a first series of sanding and then they stained it and put the first coat of polyurethane and then several days later put a second coat of polyurethane on the floor. This is a natural finish, not shiny. After looking at lots of types of bamboo, I just wasn’t finding what I had in mind. I next started going to local wood supply stores and looking at various woods: oak, cumuru, etc.. We chose oak because we liked the look of it stained, it’s local to this area, it is easy to get stair treads in oak, the price was reasonable, it’s in stock, and after introducing quiet a few “new” materials for our house the flooring is classic with no “new” challenges.

  • #5.   Aaron 08.19.2008

    Who is the manufacturer of the EZ-Jamb? I googled it and could not find any info. This sounds like a great way to install interior doors. I was concerned about using J channel and a wood jamb because I hear that it cracks in the corners? Have you have any stress cracks in the corners? Please check out my blog, I am a few months behind you in building and have so many decisions to make. Thanks! Aaron

  • #6.   Christina 08.20.2008

    Studco is the manufacturer. We bought ours through Gates Lumber Company which is a local place. I’ve been to the Studco website and did not see much information on the EZY-jamb (I have left off the Y previously- sorry). Here is a phone number for Studco that might help you- 1-800-675-8023.

    I have not seen any cracks in the corners- so far. The house is new and hopefully over time we will not see the stress cracks that are so common in door opening.

    What is your blog address? I would love to check out your house! Yes, lots of decisions- it is exhausting, but stay focused, keep researching, and it all comes together at some point!


  • #7.   steve 12.01.2008

    Hi guys, would love to know how your ezyjambs are going? any cracks?are you satisfied?

    any feedback would be appreciated!!!

    cheers Steve

  • #8.   Christina 12.01.2008


    So far we have been very pleased with the jambs and we have not seen any cracks. The only minor problem is that some of the jamb frames should have been set maybe an 1/8″ wider to allow for the strike plate. Our strike plates have never been installed but the frames seem to be holding up fine. We may figure out a solution at some point. It’s not a noticeable issue.

    The installation of the ezyjambs was new for the crew but with a bit of figuring they turned out well. I’ve posted this before, but the main thing is to make sure to set the frames narrower that they would be for a wood frame. You need the doors onsite to get the correct measurement of how everything will fit.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

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