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As I mentioned previously, Dave found this chandelier at Cosmic Closet in Memphis and they ordered it for us. He worked wonders in rewiring it to make it drop the necessary 13 feet then Dave and Bob the electrician put all the glass pieces together and installed it last week. It looks wonderful!! I am very impressed! We’ve looked at all kinds of fixtures for this location and Dave has worked on many designs, so I’m thrilled to see the final outcome and how well this turned out. I was kind of skeptical about buying something off the shelf after he had talked about making something for so long (this could always happen in the future) and then I was very skeptical about the whole re-wiring process. Finding the right wire led us to all kinds of interesting stores but we actually found the right wire at Graham’s lighting (also where we got our ceiling fans). I like to give credit to the local shops when ever I can and especially to those that are always super helpful.

Since the garage doors were stained and trimmed this week and the lights are on at the garage, I thought I would post a photo of the garage at night.

Yvonne Bobo who made our stainless steel handrail installed it this past Sunday. She has had it ready for a few weeks but has not had the opportunity to install it with the painting and trim work that was ongoing. The handrail looks great!

There is really very little to finish onsite at this point. We have a move in date at the end of May- yea!! A bit behind schedule which has been frustrating but everyone is still getting along and we are liking the final product alot! We just want to be living in the house. For some reason it seems that everything cannot be just done, there is always one more piece of trim to install when the built-ins are finished, one more thing to paint when the trim guy gets finished, one more missing door to stain- not sure why we cannot get enough of the correct doors? The interiors doors. We’ve had a terrible time with them being warped. They are 8′ tall birch doors. I’ll mention no names for now till hopefully we can get some resolution. But this has been an going issue. Warped pocket doors do not work well and we have a series of pocket doors. We asked the supplier to inspect the doors and were told that anything within a 1/4″ was within the manufacturer’s tolerance. This seems odd to me. How is a 1/4″ warped door suppose to work in a pocket configuration? Some of the doors are scraping the frame as it slides into the pocket. Not good. I assume the pocket frame could have been made much wider, but that’s not the typical case and we didn’t need a 7 1/2″ thick wall just to accommodate warped doors! We have also been told that the doors can take up to 6 months in the hung position to straighten out. Six months! So does the painter finish the doors now that might be removed in 6 months? The trim carpenter worked on moving the top wheels on the doors and this helped a bit. The doors are still warped though and this is bothersome to me. I’m watching the calender for 6 months.

I don’t think the photo shows the extent of the warpness, but you get the idea. There is a wider space on the right and a very tight space on the left. The painter said today that with the hardware adjustments that have been made they are sliding better and not rubbing the frame. Still it’s a warped door.

Pocket door and by-pass door face pull in brushed nickel.

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  • #1.   Naomi 05.06.2008

    That chandelier really ties the room together!

  • #2.   Erica 07.01.2008

    Your house looks great! Where did you get the brushed nickel pocket door hardware?

  • #3.   Dave 07.01.2008

    We finally found these pulls from Pocket door pulls are hard to find, modern ones even harder, and then some of them were insanely expensive!!!! These are more reasonably priced than most and really work well for our doors. Here is the specific link to the page of the pulls since it seems a bit buried in the site:

  • #4.   Erica 07.04.2008

    Thanks so much Dave. I’ve ordered from signature hardware before and have been very happy with them. Good luck in your new home!

  • #5.   Gates of Memphis 07.06.2008

    Looking at the photos on a Blackberry but beautiful. Great garage. Will ride by to get a more complete look. Nice meeting you guys.

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