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Well we have actually moved into the house now. We’ve been there one week and love it!! The first night in the new place seemed very surreal. We are in the process of unpacking and settling in and I will post some “moved in” photos sometime soon. It is a wonderful feeling to actually be living in the project that took 14 months to complete! The landscaping still remains to be done and most rooms are very sparsely furnished, but we like it this way. The house is very comfortable to us, as it should be! One of the best things is that the house is so clean (for now). After all the construction dust was cleaned up, the windows scrubbed, the floors uncovered, and no pet hair yet (cats moved in a day after us), it is wonderful to have a clean new house!

Here are a few photos from the day before we moved in.

This is the built in book shelves in the Family Room. The center cabinet is for the TV with sliding doors. The wood is dark stained walnut to match the other cabinetry.

Finished Kitchen now with cook top and oven in place.

Stained front door seen from the inside front hall.

Medicine cabinets in the master bath made to match the vanity bases.

And the flush valve toilet! After much discussion on many other blogs about toilet, I thought I had to post ours. We knew that this was what we wanted from the beginning so we had the pipes installed to serve a flush valve toilet. Many people thought this was strange (we got lots of questions from the plumbers), but for us it makes sense- on looks and function!

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