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  • #1.   Jack Graniti 06.17.2008

    Hello and congratulations on your new home!! It’s been great watching you make progress and I give you soo much credit on a job done well and with such a great sense of style.

    I’m sure you get innundated with questions so I don’t expect you to respond, but if you have the time, please let me know the brand of pendant light fixtures in the kitchen and what sort of backsplash used in your kitchen.

    Many thanks,

  • #2.   Christina 06.18.2008



    We looked at so many pendants for the kitchen. You can spend a fortune on these and we knew we wanted something very simple in order to not compete with the chandelier. We got these fixtures at Lowe’s! The glass is sold separate from the electrical ceiling component. The ceiling component (I don’t know the correct term for this?) was not more than $20 and the glass shade $6. Great deal. We like them alot and know that we didn’t spend too much on them, so if we want different ones in the future we haven’t lost money. I don’t know the brand.

    The backsplash on the kitchen and bath countertops is 4″ of the Cambria quartz material turned up the wall. Simple backsplash. I love tile backsplashes and they are very popular for kitchens now, but for us using the countertop material provided a simple clean solution. We can always add tile later. All edges on our counters are an eased square edge and the counter makes a 90 degree angle with the backsplash. They are two separate pieces. We ordered the Cambria quartz from a local stone supplier.


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