Geraniums but no grass

Comments   4   Date Arrow  June 24, 2008 at 8:28pm   User  by Christina

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  • #1.   naomi 06.26.2008

    Grass is SO overrated. For a gorgeous house like that, you need grape arbors and an olive grove and pebbled paths and a fountain shaped like a naked goddess. OBVIOUSLY.

  • #2.   Christina 07.01.2008

    I totally agree. Grass is way over rated, requires too much water, and maintenance. I would love the arbors and I’m dreaming of European pebble paths….but there is the time, exhaustion, and money issues at the end of a construction- ugh. I’m satisfied with anything green that might grow on the barren dusty ground right now. For now we will wait for weeds to grow, enjoy the geraniums, and dream of beautiful low maintenance gardens….with a fountain!!!! Ahhh… the fountain- how nice!

  • #3.   Sofia 07.21.2008

    Can you please tell me what stain color you used on your doors and floors? Also what type of wood species were your doors??

    Thank you,

  • #4.   Dave 07.21.2008

    The stain was mixed onsite and the flooring guys ran several test colors- about 10 to see which we liked best. The one we chose is a mix of Sedona Red and another color. My best advice is to just sample several colors on your floors. The colors you don’t choose can be sanded out. Our floors were installed unfinished. I know that doesn’t help much, but you will need to tailor the color to your preference.

    The front door is Spanish cedar and was custom made. The interior doors are birch with a solid core. We ordered them through our local lumber company and they are from a brand called Algoma. We had trouble with some of them being warped. The painter tailored the stain to work for us and stained all the doors and window trim with the same color.

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