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Comments   12   Date Arrow  July 7, 2008 at 7:09pm   User  by Christina

After moving in to the house, we’ve been so caught up with unpacking, chasing after bills, and watching the new grass seeds grow that I really haven’t updated the blog with “moved in/semi furnished” photos. (A recent commenter suggested a grass lawn is not so hip, which is true but we desire anything green to take over the dusty/muddy soil- grass, weeds, ground covers, etc. We are starting with some grass seeds now (sod prices were too high) and filling in with as much non-mowable, heat tolerate ground covers aspossible.)

New photos:

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  • #1.   naomi 07.13.2008

    I’m thinking of trying this in our backyard:

  • #2.   Dave 07.15.2008

    Oh yes, I love the clover. Are you planting it or just letting it come up?

    This is our favorite ground cover and one that we are transplanting sprig by sprig from our old house: creeping jenny. I don’t think it would form an entire yard, but fill in the between spaces.

  • #3.   naomi 07.25.2008

    Clover seeds are cheap, so I’m gonna try it in the backyard when the weather cools off. I killed the front lawn when we moved in four years ago and replaced it with a mix of native species and ornamentals. It’s so convenient to have grape tomatoes and herbs in the front yard!

  • #4.   Brad F. 08.04.2008

    Dave & Christina, I have been following your progress since my “drop in” about a year ago. Your home looks great. I have a question about your HVAC – I remember you telling me if was tough for your HVAC guy to figure out how “small” a unit you could use do to the great insulation qualities of the AAC. Now that you have had some time (and Memphis heat – as native I know!) – how is the system performing? Are you seeing the efficiencies you were hoping for? I will soon be returning to live in Memphis and hope to soon add another AAC home to the area.

  • #5.   Dave 08.04.2008


    We went with a 3-ton heat pump downstairs and a 2-ton upstairs. We’re told that typically this would serve a 2000 sq. ft. house, whereas ours is around 3300. We survived the July heat; in fact it was a struggle to leave the comfort of our house. We keep it around 74’C, with indoor humidity at 50%. People tell us our house feels like their 68!

    We just got our first utility bill, (for 20 days):
    Gas………….4ccf……………..$13.33 (yeah Rinnai on demand hot water!)

    Total with sewer, rodent, solid waste, storm water, and connect charge ($44) was $185.46. So yes, we are seeing the efficiencies. We’d much rather put money toward our note (permanent asset) than utilities (monthly liability)! Thanks for checking in and let us know when you get started.

  • #6.   Brad F. 08.14.2008

    That is great info. Thanks for sharing. Do you feel that your HVAC units are correctly sized? Would you change it if you could go back? Do you have a humidity system? For comparison, our 2300 sq. ft. home built in 1988 with standard construction/insulation is running us $200+ in electricity alone here in S.C. – Its just as hot here and cannot keep up on the really hot days.

    I will be in town soon, I hope to do a drive-by with the family to let them see in person what I have been telling them about. Thanks again for sharing your info.


  • #7.   Aaron 09.15.2008

    That gray and white bathroom marble is beautiful. Do you know what it is called?

  • #8.   Dave 09.16.2008

    It’s called Calcutta Gold. Thanks

  • #9.   Shana 10.14.2008

    Christina and Dave,
    I rambled upon your site when looking for T&G porch ceiling. I love the dark-stained color of yours and was wondering if you could share the brand/color? I was then amazed to see your link to Alys Beach construction as I have many inspiration photos from Alys Beach and Rosemary Beach for our screened porch under construction. Love your house!

  • #10.   Christina 10.21.2008

    Hi Shana-

    Yes I love Alys Beach and Rosemary. The details are wonderful.

    The T&G porch ceiling is just standard pine that the painter stained. I don’t know the brand or color. He just ran several samples and we chose the deeper one. Same for the stain on the interior. We had a wonderful painter that we worked with the get the stains to all coordinate. So my suggestion is- run lots of samples, mix stains, run more samples till you get the right color.

    Best luck with your project!

  • #11.   Caleb 10.27.2008

    Hey guys,
    Great house. I’ve got a tons of questions for you as my wife and I have been planning an incredibly similar venture here in Memphis. Is there anyway I could sit down with you for a few minutes and pick your brain?

  • #12.   Melissa Anderson Sweazy 10.28.2008

    Well howdy!

    Aren’t we just the mutual admiration society! I spied your house one night on the way home from Warren and Stacey’s and couldn’t believe something so modern and beautiful was smack in the middle of midtown. As Caleb mentioned, we have long lusted after building a California Spanish in Memphis and finally went crazy long enough to buy a lot. And now we have lots of questions 🙂 We’d love to bring over some wine and say hello and see your beautiful home.

    I look forward to meeting you!


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