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Comments   2   Date Arrow  October 28, 2008 at 7:59pm   User  by Christina

It has been awhile since we last made an update and we realized it was time to have a photo of our sweet new addition! Hanz the puppy! He is such a wonderful dog and has fit seamlessly into our house of two people and two cats. We just added a fenced in area for him in our side yard and I am continuing to debate landscape ideas in my head. No landscaping is being carried out now although we did manage to get a few rye seeds started as winter grass.

Other interesting photos are of the chest that we moved to the second story via a crane! What a project. This chest has moved from my ancestors farm, to my great grandmother’s attic (not sure why they didn’t use it downstairs), to my grandparents basement. It was moldy and in bad condition but had good bones. We had a local guy clean it up wonderfully and moved it into the new resting place.

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  • #1.   Lee Swets 12.01.2008

    Well, THAT turned out quite nicely!
    BTW, you used my house as one of your inspirational pics, 1796 Tutwiler. Built in 1925, architects Broadview & Mahan, enamored of Florida style. There’s a few in that neighborhood. Their showcase house is west of S. 3rd, forget the street name….

  • #2.   Christina 12.02.2008

    Thank you so much! There are still more landscaping items we want to add to make it look more finished.

    Yes we obviously love the 1920’s modern and Florida style also. Glad your house made it into our pages. Tutweiler does seem to have a collection of them. I’m trying to figure out where west of South Third Street is? Do you mean the house at 10 East Norwood Avenue by B&M built in 1921? It is featured in a Memphis architectural guide, I found it, and asked the nice owners for a tour. I should post a photo of it on the Memphis houses since it was an inspiration and very similar to ours.

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