Fall Photo

Comments   6   Date Arrow  December 2, 2008 at 6:44pm   User  by Christina

This photo was taken for an alumni magazine. I like it because Otis the cat wandered through.

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  • #1.   stephanie 01.13.2009

    I found your blog again! Yeah! I love how everything turned out. You know what’s funny. I was googling to try and find an EZ jamb cut sheet and your site is the first thing to pop up.

  • #2.   Aisling Gallagher 02.22.2009

    Hi Dave,

    Aisling here from Prague, just recently got in touch with Jeff and he sent me your blog link. You’re house look fabulous. Anyway would love to get in touch with you again.


  • #3.   Donna 02.25.2009

    Hi…I just found your website via a posting you left on “Renovating Brooklyn Townhouse” blog. I absolutely love your home and what you have done and the attention to detail…and the time you have taken to document and share. The more I read…the faster I read as I couldn’t wait to see more! Best of luck…and thank you again!

  • #4.   Dan Levy 04.02.2009

    Christina and Dave,
    Your home looks great. Can you make comparisons of your energy use and comfort compared to similar sized homes in your area? I’d be curious what your experience is after you’ve been in for a full year. Thank you.

  • #5.   Jeanie Rock 06.30.2011

    I love the Shoji White walls you painted! What color did you use for the trim color with the Shoji White? What trim color did you use in the bedroom and throughout the house? What color are the doors also?
    I would love to know. We just painted bedrooms Shoji White.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  • #6.   Christina 07.04.2011

    Thanks! We love the color also! We do not have any crown molding trim, only a 1×8 baseboard through out the house and it is painted Shoji white also. Same with the ceilings. It creates a very uniform modern look. I believe that our painter used an oil based paint on the baseboards. Our bedroom is painted two shades darker than shoji called Amazing Gray by Sherwin Williams. The doors were all custom stained by our painter. He mixed the colors till we got the one that we wanted. The cabinets and doors were stained separately and luckily they all match very well.

    Thanks for finding us online. We have not posted in too long! Soon we will have new photos!

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