First Porch Beers

Comments   0   Date Arrow  April 28, 2007 at 6:26pm   User  by Christina

Dave called Friday night as a perfect night for porch beers- really more like slab beers. We gathered on the side porch (and spread into the kitchen a bit) and enjoyed the great weather and catching up with friends. The trial run of the porch without walls or roof was very good. I anticipate that in the next few weeks the site is going to get more chaotic as the walls go up and the mosquitoes are lurking around the corner, so this really was a great opportunity to gather on the porch.


Notice the rectangle in the slab that looks like a reflecting pool. It is actually the depression (cork to be flush with concrete) in the slab to allow for the cork flooring in front of the kitchen island. Martin used a metal edge to create a crisp edge in the concrete on two sides. The other two sides will be covered with cabinetry.

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